The communal spirit of Village residents is how the Wakon Iron came to exist. In the Osage tradition, families bring their loved ones home for wakes and funerals  Village resident, Lilly Cunningham offered her home to host wakes and funerals for families which didn't have a home in the village.  It became clear a dedicated space for funerals was needed to accommodate the crowd and dinners.  A Village resident, Wakon Iron called a meeting to order and created a board to build a chapel for funerals and wakes.  Later, a grant was obtained to build the shell of the current day Wakon Iron. The community came together to finish the inside.

Wakon iron is the center of Pawhuska Indian Village.


Wakon Iron is a 12,000 square foot facility which can be rented out by citizens of any federally recognized tribe.  To rent the facility, please complete the rental agreement form.

Anytime during the year Osages gather for dances, including the Veterans Dance, JOM dance, Red Ribbon dance or if a family wants to hold a dance in memorial for a family member then Wakon Iron is available for rental, even to celebrate a graduation or birthday.  


Committee Dinner @ Wakon Iron, Photo courtesy: Osage News